Roberto C. Candelaria

CEO and Co-Founder

Roberto C. Candelaria is the CEO and Co-Founder of the Community Leaders Association, and host of “The Connected Community Leader” Podcast.

As a Business Profit Architect, his strategies have changed the way businesses and online community leaders build their platforms, connect with partners and sponsors, and generate even more profits for, and with, their communities.

As a community leader and organizer, he’s been building communities for over a decade working with associations, chamber of commerces and a multitude of online communities.

An in-demand Mentor, Strategist, and Consultant, Roberto has worked with companies such as American Airlines, BMW, DELL, Disney, Enterprise Car Rentals, Hilton Hotels, Southwest Airlines, State Farm Insurance, Wells Fargo, and Zappos – to name a few.

His clients and students have been collaborated with brands such as Accelerant, Adobe, Bell Helicopter, Black Enterprise, B.E.T., Capital One, Disney Parks, Disney Animation Studios, Cadillac, Dove, Microsoft, US Bank, Vocus and the WWE – to name a few.

A recognized industry leader, Roberto’s products and presentations have made him a renowned, innovative expert. As one client recently said, “If you follow his plan, success is inevitable.”

Roberto C. Candelaria